Private Funds

For experienced fund managers, Bequia can help you stay focused on the investment/deployment side, while we source capital via our national group of affiliated representatives and their networks of investors. Whether high net worth individuals, family offices, endowments, or foundations, we can multiply your positive impact by connecting both experienced and new impact investors to your fund to expand your reach. Our People include experienced securities lawyers and fund managers that can support you through the process from start to finish, or even just help you find additional capital to reach your target fund size. We also advise on and prepare marketing presentations to appeal to impact investors that are trying to solve the same problems as you.  


For impact ventures raising funds, 100% of your focus needs to be on creating value, hiring a team, building and then deploying your ideas into the marketplace. There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to be the primary fundraiser as well, and that’s where Bequia can help. Whether early stage or growth stage, we can help you source capital via our national group of representatives and their networks of high net worth individuals, family offices, endowments and foundations. We will help your venture fly by connecting you with both experienced and new impact investors.

You've built a prototype or beta version from sweat equity and capital from friends and family, or you're primed for growth stage capital with market data, but you're too busy building your company to hit the road in search of the next funding round. How do you scale your impact vision to the next level? At Bequia we believe you should stay focused on your core mission and let us expand your reach and breadth to identify the next round of investors.

To efficiently address your advisory and legal needs, we can help you negotiate the complexities of raising money through private offerings. We can:

  • Help you prepare due diligence reports on your offerings and set up comprehensive data rooms for investors.
  • Analyze optimal structures for your ventures, your funds and for prospective partnering opportunities.
  • Cost-efficiently structure deals and prepare offering documents for solicitations.
  • Work on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis vetting and connecting you with our investor prospects, organizing and contributing to convenings and helping you close transactions.

Investors and Investment Advisers

As the field of impact investing rapidly expands, it’s important to have trusted partners to help you source projects, funds and ventures that have financial returns plus true environmental and social impacts – opportunities that are vetted by an experienced and qualified team. Bequia brings a diverse and deep set of experiences and qualifications to help you sort out the best investments from the “noise.”

Whether you are a direct investor, foundation, endowment, family office, or an investment advisor seeking impactful investments, we can help:

  • Introduce you to trusted funds and ventures that are already in our portfolio with track records for providing positive returns, both financial and impact.
  • Identify new funds, ventures and project investment opportunities at your direction focusing on investments that provide impacts in sync with your values and mission.
  • We will share our due diligence on issuers already in our purview and for new opportunities, we will carry out research and due diligence on the issuer’s team, technology, business model, financials, market/competitive landscape, impact metrics and other key aspects that will help you determine whether to invest or not.